About Us

About Us


Jason Hornung

President & Creative Director

JH Media, LLC

People these days believe that I’ve always been some kind of Facebook wunderkind…


And trust me that wasn’t always the case!


I certainly wasn’t always the kind of guy that got to hang out with and run wildly successful campaigns for people like Mike Dillard, Frank Kern, Ryan Deiss, Neil Patel, Todd Brown, Jermaine Griggs and Sam Ovens…


In fact, when I first started “marketing online” full time – I almost went bankrupt…


One thing you need to know about me, though – is that I’m a fighter.

When I get knocked down, I get right back up again and again and again…


I don’t ever quit. And I believe that’s really the “secret” to success.


Combine that with always learning and always implementing that knowledge in a structured testing environment and you have what makes my company different.


What I do everyday isn’t work to me. It’s a passion. Nothing drives me more than bringing my clients and helping my students get amazing results.


Outside of my business, I’m a dedicated family man. My wife Heather and I have three amazingly beautiful daughters – Haley, Maiah and Sasha.


Around time with them, I engage in several other passions of mine – exercise, disc golf, skateboarding, snowboarding and DJ’ing.