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Frequently Asked Questions

Please send an email to support@jhmediallc[dot]com with the subject line: Need login help

When you log in to the members site, please watch your welcome video as that gives instructions of what your membership includes.

If you’re missing content you should have for your membership level, please email support@jhmediallc[dot]com and use the subject line: Missing content

We will have our team look into the issue and get back to you when it’s resolved or if we have questions.

We apologize for the inconvenience. Sometimes our system gets a decline on the 1st attempt of a credit card and then triggers this email. It also auto attempts a 2nd time, which often clears and puts you in a weird spot.

Please visit this page to find out if you qualify:

Please send an email to support@jhmediallc[dot]com with the subject line: Cancel Membership

Please visit this page to see the current refund policies:

If you qualify for a refund based on the terms above, email your request to support@jhmediallc[dot]com with the subject line: Refund request

We will process your request within 1 business day. You will receive a confirmation email from us.

If you do not qualify for a refund based on the terms above, your email request will be rejected.

Please send Jason Hornung a private message on Facebook. He’ll have a quick chat with you to see if The Initiative is a good fit and we have an open spot for you.

Academy of Advertising (AOA) annual members get full access to ALL of our courses, strategy guides and trainings.

You can see the details along with pricing at this page:

You can visit the following page to find out if you qualify for a call with Jason:

The AOA Partner Program is only available to members of the Profit Society. If you’re a member, just use the “AOA Partner” link under the “Tools” section in the members site.

Please watch this video:

You can also request a reset of your password (if you didn’t find your login info) on this page:

Just click the “forgot password” link.

Use the following link to change your credit card. The form on the next page will allow you to auto update our system with a different card.

Click here to update your credit card

If you need to change your billing date, please email support@jhmediallc[dot]com with the subject line: Change billing date

Please indicate the date you want us to use for your new billing. We will respond to you to confirm within 1 business day.

To move forward through courses, simply click the “mark complete” button below the video. You can do this AT ANY TIME.

In other words, you do NOT NEED TO WATCH THE WHOLE VIDEO to move forward.

Please send an email to support@jhmediallc[dot]com with the subject line Get More Views.

Send a copy of your receipt of purchase with your access request.

We will send you a link to access the archived material within 1 business day.

Please note, this course is no longer fully supported and may be out of date and/or missing material.

Please send an email with a copy of your Drop Funnels Pro purchase to support@jhmediallc[dot]com with the subject line: DF Share Codes

We will review the info and email you back a document with your share codes within 1 business day.

The 4 Week Quick Start program has two parts:

1) You’ll find pre-recorded instructional videos under the “Training” tab in the members site. Choose the “4 Week Quick Start Program” panel.

2) Weekly coaching calls with Jason Hornung. Our system is set up to send you an email with the access information for these calls on our Zoom channel.

Please note, these are “Ask Me Anything” calls. There is no special content being taught, just help being offered so you can actually succeed with implementing what you learn from us.

Yes! We have a course called “Google & YouTube Ads Bootcamp”. You’ll learn how to create, maintain and scale profitable campaigns on Google Search, Google Display & YouTube!

You can learn how to get access to this course and more on this page:

You can see our pricing on the following page

There’s honestly no way for us to guarantee you any specific result, especially if your funds are tight. However, we’ve made it EXTREMELY easy for you to find out for yourself if AOA can work!

Learn more here:

No. That was a one time offer at a very steep discount.

If you’re an AOA member, please do the following:

1) Go to the AOA Strategy Group on FB

2) Navigate to the “Files” section of the group.

3) Access the file titled “What to do if your account gets shut down”

If you’re not an AOA member, you’ll need to follow the appeal process inside your ad account manager.

Please post your question in the AOA Strategy Group on Facebook.

No. All of our courses are available to members only.

However, you can enroll for a free course here if you’d like to check things out risk-free:

For anything not covered by the FAQ above, you can use the 
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