This Is What’s Working With
Digital Advertising Today

Since 2013, we’ve profitably spent $468,753 per month on digital ads for our clients.

As a member of the Academy of Advertising Profit Society, you’ll get access to the strategies, processes and systems we’re using RIGHT NOW to achieve these results.

You’ll also get help implementing these strategies into your business from our team of world-class advertisers, so you can create and scale profitable ads – WITHOUT having to pay hefty agency fees!

“Dude. I just looked that the reports for the past 45 days and every dollar you've spent on my campaigns have returned $2.17 back to me. I've done NOTHING lol. You're basically making me FREE MONEY.”
Frank Kern
Founder of Frank Kern, Inc.
“You paid for yourself TODAY. You are generating at least a $4 to $1 return on ad spend. I have a TON of clients to refer to you!”

Neil Patel
Founder of Kissmetrics

Here’s Why Our Profit Society Members
Are Making Profitable Ads, While Others Struggle & Fail!

Proven Methodology

We took all the guesswork out of creating and scaling profitable ad campaigns. You follow step by step instructions battle tested with $30 million in profitable spend.

Constant Updating

Ad networks change fast! We’re publishing multiple new videos weekly so you can stay on top of what’s making money with ads now.

Expert Mentorship

The devil is in the details. Success comes from applying the tactics and strategies you’ll learn to the specifics of your scenario. Get 24/7 access to world class advertising experts in our private Facebook group, weekly livestream Q&A’s and email.

365 Day Money Back Guarantee

I’m so confident in the ad strategies you’ll be getting from me each month that I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is…

Here's Proof of Results Across
Numerous Industries

Does AOA Profit Society work? Take a look at all the case studies below. You’ll see students making profitable ads in
e-commerce, local, info products, coaching, agency and more…

Here’s The Most Frequently Asked Questions
About The Academy Of Advertising Profit Society

What is it?

The Academy of Advertising (AOA) Profit Society is a community where its members receive training, mentorship and support with creating profitable digital advertising from the team at JH Media.

Who is it for?

AOA Profit Society is for people who want to create and scale profitable digital advertising today. Our clients include: Entrepreneurs running their own ads, freelance media buyers, captive media buyers and agency owners (or people who want to do these things).

Where does it happen?

Each member of the AOA Profit Society is given access to our state of the art membership site at Members also receive access to a private Facebook group for direct access to the JH Media team for campaign support.

How does it work?

Step 1: You complete our online certification program based on over $30 million profitable ad spend. Step 2: You start testing ads. Step 3: You use the Facebook group to get help with optimizing and scaling your profits. Step 4: repeat.

When does it start?

AOA Profit Society is an evergreen program. Members can start whenever they want and can go at their own pace. Anywhere from “molasses in January” slow to “ludicrous speed” fast!

Why does it exist?

We’ve helped 15,908 clients create profitable ad campaigns since 2009. This program was created to solve the biggest problem advertisers face today… Answering the question: “what do I do now?”. You’ve got ad problems. We’ve got the solutions.