Frequently Asked Questions

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A: Pretty much every question I get from people is some variation of one of these two questions…

The bottom line is this:

These processes and systems are EXACTLY what you need to go through in order to create any online advertising and online marketing process that is profitable.

You just have to apply them to your specific situation.

There’s a couple of caveats:

First, this will NOT work if you’re trying to promote a product or service in a market that is unacceptable to Facebook™.

Or if you are trying to promote a product or service using what Facebook™ considers to be an unacceptable business model…

Or if you are using language in your ads or landing page that is against Facebook’s advertising policies…

You can review those here:

There’s nothing I can do about your product or service being unacceptable to Facebook™…

However, this course will teach you how to put together an acceptable business model and write ads that are compliant with Facebook’s advertising policies.

That’s the extremely long answer to the first question.

The answer to the second question is this:

I don’t know.

I can’t possibly know if applying these strategies will work on any specific scenario…

You simply have to test…

These processes and systems will show you how to map out your specific scenario and run some simple math on it to see (BEFORE you ever run an ad) if your idea could be profitable.

  1. If it is, then you have to test.
  2. We show you how to test, tweak and refine ad campaigns to get your ideas profitable.
  3. It’s up to you to execute that using the knowledge you gain in this training.
  4. Over the last 3 years, I’ve worked with 124+ companies around the globe…
  5. We have clients in the US, Canada, UK and Australia…
  6. We’ve sold over $20 million of products and services in over 30 markets successfully…

Physical products, digital products, coaching services – everything…

We’ve sold the following using these systems: hearing aids, cookbooks, solar generators, DVD’s, software, books, courses, live events – you name it…

These processes and systems give you the roadmap and step by step instructions to create and optimize profitable advertising campaigns on Facebook™.

You just have to do the work that we show you how to do.

A: There’s multiple layers to the ad approval process. Ads are initially just reviewed by computers. Some questionable things can get through those computers and have your ads initially “approved”.

However, all accounts get reviewed by a human at some point. Many times, a human will catch things (or interpret things differently) than the computers.

They can choose to disapprove ads that have already been approved. They can also choose to shut down your account if they feel it is too big of a risk.

Also – the advertising guidelines change frequently.

You could create a compliant ad today and have it running. Tomorrow the policies could change and make that ad non compliant, triggering it to turn into a disapproved ad.

We see this in our client accounts quite frequently.

A: Yes. We advertise globally on Facebook™

A: Here’s the requirements we have for clients:

  1. You must be selling an information product on an automated webinar at a price of $500 – $2000.
  2. You must have proof of concept on your funnel. Meaning you’ve sold at LEAST 20 units of your product. Doesn’t have to be from cold traffic, it could be from your list..
    Cold traffic is preferable.
    You need to be converting at least 1% of all your webinar registrants into buyers.
    EXCEPTION: If you are widely considered to be a “guru” in your space (ex: Neil Patel, Mike Dillard, Frank Kern) we will waive this proof of concept requirement
  3. You need to have proof of results that you get for your clients or customers on this product you want us to promote for you.

We do NOT do the following:

  1. Build funnels
  2. Participate in launches
  3. Work with people who haven’t tested their funnel yet

IF you meet all the criteria above, then you should know the following:

  1. Our fees are a flat $20,000/month – regardless of ad spend
  2. We require a minimum 3-month commitment to working with us
    The reason for this is it takes a time to prep, launch, optimize and scale a campaign. You should already be aware of this fact and know that making ad campaigns profitable is a process.
  3. We offer absolutely NO RESULTS GUARANTEE – there’re far too many variables in any marketing endeavor that are beyond our control that can make a campaign a failure, which is precisely why we have the criteria above.
    We are most successful in that particular scenario.
  4. I don’t work with micro-managers. If you hire us, you agree to allow us to run our processes and systems the way we have them designed.
    You are not to question them nor are you to go into the ad account and change anything in our campaigns.
  5. I do NOT entertain offers to work on a pay for performance basis. I will hit all of our numbers needed on the ad side. The campaign will only fail if your marketing and sales funnel doesn’t work properly.
    If you meet the requirements, you can send an email to to schedule a time to talk with me and see if we’re a good fit

A: Yes you can change your email in our system. Please Click HERE, and you go to the email update web page.