How Are Entrepreneurs Able To Use The Contents Of This Box To Create & Scale Profitable Ad Campaigns Today?

This black box contains all the strategies, frameworks and standard operating procedures I’ve created to scale BIG SPENDS profitably for people like Frank Kern, Sam Ovens, Tony Robbins, Neil Patel & more in my advertising agency…

Here’s Proof These Strategies Have Made Sam Ovens More Than $6 Million!

Here’s the thing:

You don’t have to be some “guru” for this stuff to work!

In fact:

These simple systems can be applied to your campaigns immediately to produce results on every major ad network (Facebook, Google, YouTube and more)!

And the best part?

You don’t need to be a writer…

You don’t need technical skills…

You don’t need any previous experience…

And you don’t need huge piles of cash…

The reason I’ve been able to help thousands of people create profitable ads since 2013 is simple:

I’m in the trenches every day spending ungodly amounts of money…

And I develop unique ways to beat whatever the ad networks throw my way so I can make my clients the profits they demand!

I publish my findings in my Profit Playbook…

And make that available through my Academy Of Advertising Profit Society.

Here’s What’s Inside The Profit Playbook:

1) How To Convert & Scale Paid Traffic Today

This is a 6 part foundational training that covers the JH Media methodology responsible for generating over $100 million in sales for my clients.

You’ll discover:


How to plan your campaigns for profit and scale BEFORE launching! You’ll be able to side-step the money making pitfalls that kill most businesses…


How to develop your offer so people want to buy what you’re selling! You’ll discover how to structure and price for maximum sales and profitability…


How to develop your ideal customer’s conversion journey. You’ll discover the fastest, easiest and most profitable way to convert YOUR OFFER for YOUR IDEAL CUSTOMER!


How to conduct concept testing so you can prove your ideas. You’ll get frameworks for making key financial decisions when testing with paid traffic.


How to optimize offers, funnels and ads so you can reach your profit goals! You’ll get the step-by-step systems I’ve developed to scale client’s campaigns to as much as $143,000 in ONE DAY of profitable spend!


How to maintain and scale profitable ad campaigns! You’ll discover the strategies I use to maximize profits at scale - month in and month out - for YEARS (I’ve run campaigns for as long as 3 years profitably)

This foundational training will get you to the point where things start to get murky and courses break down…

Which is why I created the world’s first directional thinking strategy guide:

2) 2020 Playbook Facebook Edition

In order to really understand the power of this guide and how it works, you’ll need to watch this short video:

When I created the Profit Playbook, I wanted EVERY possible scenario I’ve ever seen with making ads profitable covered…

Which is why you’ll also get this:

3) Advanced Strategies, SOP’s & Frameworks Guide

This advanced guide is broken up into seven different sections that cover:


Offer creation standard operating procedures (SOPs) so you can set up profitable offers just like my other clients.


Funnel SOPs so you can set up the right conversion journey for your product or service. You’ll maximize conversion and profit using these strategies and systems.


Ad creation frameworks. You’ll get 12 different advanced ad frameworks you can use for cold traffic, warm traffic and retargeting traffic so you never get stuck figuring out what to say or how to say it in your ads!


Campaign launch frameworks. You’ll get a variety of ways to set up and launch campaigns depending on their purpose. This way you’ll never wonder what settings to use ever again!


Campaign optimization SOPs. You’ll get the exact workflow my team and I use every day to cut losers, identify winners and make campaigns more profitable!


Scaling strategies. You’ll discover how to scale your campaigns and maintain profits using my proprietary 3D Profit Scaling system.


Campaign maintenance strategies. You’ll get the step-by-step processes I use to KEEP profits coming in every day for my clients (sometimes longer than 3 years!).

Here’s How You Can Get The Profit Playbook, TODAY!

I’m no guru so let me tell it to you straight…

The Profit Playbook is NOT for sale!

The ONLY way to get The Profit Playbook is to join my Academy Of Advertising (AOA) Profit Society team…

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Don’t Forget: I GUARANTEE The Results With Your Ads If You Use The Profit Playbook, Because It Flat Out Works!

I don’t care if you run ecomm ads, sell supplements, get leads for financial advisors, sell info products, or run a high-ticket coaching program…

…these strategies are battle tested so you’ll have the right play for every situation you encounter, period.

Read the letter on the next page to see if you’re READY to scale your ads profitably. 

To the victor belong the spoils,

Jason Hornung

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