Here’s links to get the tools & systems that I show in the videos. Please note, these are affiliate links.

Here’s trusted service providers that I’ve used to have quality work done:


Bethfys on Fiver – she does an amazing job of transcribing audio or video.  Always gets work done on time.


Lineas88 on Fiverr – she has an incredible voice and does amazing work.  Always on time.

Video production & editing:

Artak Harutunyan – – Art is in Aremenia and is absolutely awesome!  I’ve had him do a variety of projects for me over the years from cinemagraphs for ads to kinetic typography videos.  He’s also edited videos together for me and he made the 17 Secrets DVD out of YouTube videos I sent him.

Ryan Martin – see the proof of results he’s gotten for me here:


Mitch Miller –  I’ve worked on a couple of joint client projects with Mitch and his copy converts like crazy!  One client has done $1.5 million in sales from a letter he wrote… JUST IN SEPTEMBER OF 2015!

Adil Amarsi – – I’ve had Adil do a variety of copywriting jobs for me and clients.  Dude really knows his shit and gets things done on time.  He can do emails, sales letters, vsls, etc.

Funnel Creation:

Todd Brown –

Ad Management:


Kim Doyal – Kim knows WordPress inside and out.  She can make beautiful and functional websites built on WordPress and integrate it with pretty much anything.


Design Pickle – one of my good friends is close with the owner of this company.  I’ve had my own graphic designer on staff for about 4 years so I haven’t used these guys, but people I know have and can vouch for the quality of work that I’m willing to put my reputation on it.