Kim Doyal

“This has been the best experience that I’ve ever had in online business in 5 years. It has been the most dialled-in, step by step process. This has been the missing piece of the puzzle for me.” “How Jason’s team had set me up with my target, my audience, my messaging is totally in line … Read more

Jeremy Sandow

“My business partner Austin Hilton & I have run Facebook ad campaigns for our business by ourselves. We were doing pretty well & we got our sales for our Information product up to about $100,000/month.” “But soon, we hit a ceiling & I couldn’t go past that.” “I understood that as a business owner, I … Read more

Maritza Parra

“This has been the best investment I have ever made in my business.”

Edward Teh

“Jason’s one of the best trainers when it comes to Facebook Ads. He’s knowledgeable, clear & precise. ” “I was really lost when I came here & Jason was able to make things clear. You can’t go wrong if you come to Jason. He’s the real deal. “

Gwen Lepard

“We know that we’re going to have some great success now that we have one of the best in the business and say the best in the business and Facebook ads on our team.”

Barney Kuntze

“At the workshop, I gained a lot of clarity on what I need to do with my business. Jason has results to show for the work he does & I really love that. ” “So if you’re thinking about attending the workshop, just sign up & attend. “

Olga Vasilevsky

“Jason has a balanced approach that made sense to me. In my opinion he has the best information about Facebook”

Elijah Bowie

“I’m a consulting agency owner, and I’ve known Jason for the last 2 years. I came to his workshop to gain some clarity so I can stay on top of things with my business & the consulting I do for clients. ” “Within an hour of attending the workshop, I had gotten so much value. … Read more

Brooke Keeling

“There’s a lot to learn. Jason has a lot of knowledge.” “Big takeaway for me was how to target your ideal clients and how to create different audiences within Facebook that help you reach your ideal customer client (rather than spending a lot of money on different programs or ads without really knowing how they’re … Read more

Daniel Gouw

“Jason’s workshop was really great. I gained so much knowledge in the last couple of days & have signed up for the Initiative Program as well. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced person, Jason has something to offer. You’ll learn the foundations – so no matter what platform you’re using, you’ll figure out a … Read more