Jeremy Sandow

“My business partner Austin Hilton & I have run Facebook ad campaigns for our business by ourselves. We were doing pretty well & we got our sales for our Information product up to about $100,000/month.”

“But soon, we hit a ceiling & I couldn’t go past that.”

“I understood that as a business owner, I should work on coming up with ideas for new products, tweaking elements of my marketing funnel & FB ads wasn’t the thing I should spend my time on anymore.”

“I knew I have to outsource it to somebody who’s an expert at this. I spoke to multiple colleagues, friends & partners & the name kept coming up.”

‘Talk To Jason Hornung’

‘Talk To Jason Hornung’

“We did an initial consultation & pulled the trigger with him & his team.”

” … and now after working together, we’ve more than tripled the sales & are doing around $300,000/month.”

“Jason’s company is a class act. We highly recommend them!”

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